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Imperfectly Perfect

If you have realised how much I rave on eco-clothing, now is the time to get your hands on our first ever eco scarf! This collection is closest to my heart and I decided to launch it first among the others.


The collection named, Imperfectly Perfect - portrays a simple picture of how perfect colours can even be abstractly splashed outside a perfect line frame. So, who to blame? Is it the colours that look better on bigger paint splash, or the line that rigidly not moving away or is it actually the mastermind behind the great piece which is the painter?


If you think deeper, such encounters do happen to us, a lot. We focus too much on being perfect that we forgotten to sit back and say, it is alright cos you have done your best. You cannot take the blame for every single thing that happened.


Self-confidence is something you must carry in your everyday life. Do not break down on issues. If it is not gonna matter in the next 5 years, no point getting upset for more than 5 minutes. Remember, you are already PERFECT in your own fabulous way and nothing else matter!


Have a blessed 2020 everyone!




The collection comes in 4 different colours:


  • Subtle Creme
  • Oh Tiffany
  • Rose Red
  • Fiery Black




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