A simple message goes a long way, indeed.

Some words are meant to be left unspoken; rather have them penned instead.

If you say so! Definitely agree on this one - 100% :)

One of the special collections available on our website is the custom scented candles. These was initially introduced as a by-request only where customers would private message us to have their candles customized according to their choice of fragrances, type of jars, colors and private text.

It gotten us very excited each time such requests came in and we saw how much joy this small product gave to both the sender and recipient. Most common occasions are birthdays, anniversaries and Christmas.

As the demand grows, we thought of having this product permanently listed as part of our ongoing collection. 

This candle, of course, are usually paired with a preserved flower bouquet which we work alongside a local florist.

We hope to spread more happiness and positive vibe within the community, through our custom scented candles.

Keen? Check out the available scents and place your order via this link :)

example of custom scented candle

Candle sent with preserved flower bouquet