Explore more with Discovery Scent Kit

Before we further write on this blog, we just wanna thank everyone who keep on supporting our small candle business by throwing in ideas and recommendations. No doubt it takes a long while to perfect a product, we are consistently improving with all your help! 

As such, we are excited to launch our Discovery Scent Kit. An ideal product where we include four different scents from our premium scented candles collection. They are handpoured into mini pots with approximately 3 hours burn time. Painted in pastel hues, these gems are too cute to burn!

So the whole idea started with a dear colleague asking, "which one smells better? Which one is the bestseller? Perhaps, you can do this.." and we go like, "hmmm, good thinking". Haha!

See, cos not everyone is familiar with scent notes and able to visualise how it will smell like. Because of that, we learn something new and decided to create testers so that our customers are able to explore the different scents prior to getting actual ones. 

As we move along, we also noticed that some customers prefer petite candles where they don't need large display space yet they get to light a different scent each time according to their current mood. How cool is that? Tealight is the solution! This makes a perfect gift too!

It's truly amazing how much we have learnt and improved just by listening to our customers' need, feedback and suggestion :)

Also, if you are sharp enough, you would have seen that our scent notes on the candle product page are now highlighted with "Best Seller", "Recommended" and "Approved". With this initiative (thanks, Alice!), we hope customers are able to make a better and quicker decision on choosing their preferred scent. 

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To more improvements! Cheers 🥂!!

tealight candles in our Discovery Scent Kit