Candle Jars - how to properly clean them

Oh hello, Earthlings!

It's been a (super) long hiatus break away from my candle business and gosh, it feels good to be back and writing this blog. My first blog for 2022 and 5 months gone already!

As some of you might have known, I was out for a year kick-starting the Mr.'s business and now that the operations work requires less of me - you will be seeing me active again on social media & probably events too :)

Let me get my writing Mojo back on track and here's a quick sharing of how you can give your used candle jar a new life. Truthfully said, the most expensive item in candle-making (apart from the imported waxes and quality fragrance oils) is the jar. Yes, you heard me right! Most of your crafted artisan candles are hand-poured in small batches which also require good quality, thicker glass jar to avoid cracks or shattering from excessive heat. As such, there is absolutely no problem in reusing them again for your home projects when washed clean.

Here are the steps on how to can quickly clean and reuse your candle jar:

1. Extinguish flame using wick dipper or candle snuffer when it reaches 1/4 inch empty as overheating may result to shattered glass

2. Dip or push wick fully into the melted wax to eliminate burning smoke smell

3. Use a kitchen towel to absorb the melted wax. NEVER pour melted wax directly into your sink as it can clogged your sink (wax harden when cold)

4. Wipe off all remaining wax residue

5. Wash jar with soap (I use MamaLemon or any dish washing liquid) and water. Leave or wipe to dry.

6. Now your candle jar is ready to reuse. Feel free to decorate your jar with stickers or ribbons.

Tag us on our IG to share how you've decorated your candle jars! We would love to see them :) 


Ways to clean and upcycle your used candle jars. Follow this steps on how to properly clean them.