Are those, Luggage Tags?

Oh well, that was exactly the phrase I received when I posted my scented wax tablets online! So apparently the Mr. doesn't know what are these and he has been repeating it since, every time he saw the pretty handicrafts on my work station. Duh!

Also known as "hanging diffusers", I go along with the common term used within the candle makers circle. With this, I am also assuming 70% of the community is clueless too and it does obviously look like a luggage tag; a very fancy handcrafted one indeed.

Hence, I supposed it makes greater sense to now add a User Guide Card along with these tablets. Designed a simple one with explanation of the uses; how the tablets can last longer and where to hang them!

A closer look at the guide card below and also here's a tutorial on what we can do to keep the wax tablet last longer. CLICK HERE.

Aside to personal or corporate gifting, these make an ideal wedding favors too. Chat with us to know more :)

 christmas scented wax tablet