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GiveBack Project - an initiative to share meals with the community

November 4, 2020


Undeniably, it’s been a rollercoaster year for most of us and 2020 hasn’t been kind either. Businesses and individuals struggle to keep afloat during this trying period 🤗


Rinaluxe started as a lifestyle eco-scarf designer but was forced to halt when our events got cancelled early this year. Our work is currently displayed half of what supposedly planned for. Circuit Breaker gives us some time to think and re-strategise our focus. We then diversify to home décor – handpoured candles!


We thought it was a good start to introduce luxe soy candles to folks working from home. Aromatherapy helps to lift one’s mood and increase productivity by being happy 😊 In addition, soy is a natural, renewable and biodegradable resource hence its cleaner burn properties make it a WIN cart-out item!


We collaborate with a local florist, TheFlowerTheory, to customise all our preserved flower bouquets and this has somehow created a little booster to our business with the introduction of Candle Gift Box. Furthermore, we also pledge to fund a portion of the sales proceeds to our local community through MEAL SHARING 😉 Means that, with every candle gift set purchased, buyer is supporting the candle-maker, florist and the needy community too!


Headed by Groceries On Wheels, a subsidiary of Jom Sembang SG, necessities are bought with donation funds and delivered to eligible beneficiaries. A simple economy ration package of $15 comprises of rice, canned food and cooking can supplement a week of supply.


With GiveBack project, we hope that the work Rinaluxe is currently doing can somehow benefit the community, even in the slightest way.


Thank you to our dearest candle-lovers for your support ❤️