bubble candle a simple elegance of visual and aroma. best placed in cool dry place like your dressing table or walk-in wardrobe
the smooth melted bubble and how some people may find this therapeutic to watch. place place a plate before lighting up. candles are harden and you can remove from your surface once cooled.
the mother of all roses. this scent is our best seller for its distinctive smell of roses.
always an option if you looking out for citrus topped with jasmine and vanilla.
our popular scent wit orange, green pear and vanilla.

Bubble Scented Candles

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Artisan bubble candle is widely popular for its Instagram-like aesthetic. Smells great even when not lighted, this iconic piece is a sure-to-have for candle fans who prefers to place it on their makeup table or present it as part of their home décor. 

Note : Remove all ribbons or foreign objects prior to lighting. Please place candle on a plate or holder prior to lighting. Candle is meant to give a therapeutic melting experience. You may keep the melted wax into a drawing pouch as a scented tablet thereafter.

Qty : 1 x bubble scented candle 

Please leave a note of your preferred color scheme.

Item is made-to-order. Please allow 3 to 5 working days. Delivery within Singapore.