A korean-inspired cracked ice candle is infused with quality fragrance and serves as a decorative object.
Decorative ice candle which you can opt for your preferred color tones.
lemongrass and sage fragrance. scent of citrus.
bed of roses to gives you a floral aroma to your living space.
musky oud with a touch of woodsy, oriental and spice scent notes.

Cracked-Styled Ice Scented Candles

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Commonly known as ice candle, this duo-coloured decorative candle is popular among in Korea and USA. It gives a cracked image of a square object. It also serves as an aesthetic display set to your table or otherwise light them up for its aroma.

Note : Remove all ribbons or foreign objects prior to lighting. Please place candle on a plate or holder prior to lighting. Candle is meant to give a therapeutic melting experience. You may keep the melted wax into a drawing pouch as a scented tablet thereafter.

Qty : 1 x square ice candle

Please leave a note of your preferred color scheme. (Eg: yellow and green, purple and pink.)

Item is made-to-order. Please allow 3 to 5 working days. Delivery within Singapore.